What Is The Pegan Diet & Is It Actually Good For You? – Refinery29


In addition to protein, you will need to think about your calcium intake – the NHS recommends that an adult consumes 1,000 mg of calcium a day. You can get it from calcium-rich foods such as kale, almonds and figs. Also make sure that you eat enough iron and zinc. Iron is key to red blood cells and the second is responsible for cell division. The problem with plant-based diets is that zinc and iron aren’t as easily absorbed by the body as they would be if they came from animal produce, which is why the recommended daily intake of iron for vegetarians is almost double to that of a meat-eater. Because of this, make sure that your diet is filled with legumes, soy products, seeds, nuts and leafy greens. If you are starting a vegan lifestyle, then it is important that you speak to a medical professional and do your research beforehand. Otherwise, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies and low energy levels.

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