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Healthy eating is extremely important if you are aiming to lose weight. Hence, a healthy diet plan provides you with all the essential nutrients and fuels you up.

With all the trendy diets out there, it is very easy to get confused about what to eat and what to avoid. Every region of the world has its own unique eating habits. However, there is no one size fits all, when it comes to a diet plan.

Here are six popular diet plans from across the world, which you can try for losing weight.

Intermittent fasting

This weight loss diet plan has gained immense popularity in the United Kingdom in the recent past. The 5:2 diet plan encourages a person to have a normal amount of calories for five days of a week and fast for the remaining two days. During the fasting days, the calories consumed are reduced to 25 percent of the normal amount, which is 500 calories for women and 600 for men. This type of fasting does not give much importance to the type of food one should consume.

Mediterranean diet
Mediterranean diet is considered as the world’s healthiest diet and is excellent for the heart. This diet is known to lower down bad cholesterol and improve heart health. You can have fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and olive oil, while being on this diet.

Nordic diet
Just like the Mediterranean diet, the Nordic diet is also high in plant-based food. The major difference between the two is that in Nordic diet instead of olive oil, rapeseed and canola oil is favoured. Rapeseed and canola oil also contain a high quantity of heart-healthy monosaturated fats. Fatty fish like salmon and low-fat dairy products are at the core of this diet.

Banting diet
The Banting diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet to shed fat. This diet was named after British undertaker, William Banting. The diet was made popular by Tim Noakes, a professor at the University of Cape Town with his book, “The Real Meal Revolution.” The focus of this diet plan is to increase fat consumption and decrease carb intake. However, this diet is not recommended for people suffering from heart problem.

Size of your portion matters in France
The people of France pays a lot of attention to the size of the meal they consume when trying to lose some weight. As per a study by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, 23% of the French population prefer to eat a smaller portion of food. They generally avoid fried, junk and processed food. Fish, wine and dairy products form a major portion of their diet plan.

Plant-based Indian diet plan
This heavy plant-based diet is good for health as it is less fattening and aids weight loss. Apart from this, a wide variety of spices are used in preparing Indian food, which supports weight loss.

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