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Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico is on tonight on BBC 2.

The celebrated chef known for his fish and chip shop in Padstow will swap Cornwall for Central America.

The chef will be taking notes from locals on how the delicious and idiosyncratic cuisine is made.

He then makes his own versions at home.

Tonight he will travel down the Pacific Coast Highway to the Mexican border.

Inspired by the trip he makes a San Francisco fish stew and a mac and cheese.

The famous chef, 72, has lost lots of weight in recent years.

In the past he has revealed various weight loss tricks he has used to achieve his slimmer new look.

However, the most interesting one by far is his very unusual breakfast. He told the Guardian in 2004: “I find that the heat from chilli counteracts hunger pangs, which I believe is why it’s so popular in the developing world.

“So I have a very spicy Vietnamese pho for breakfast.”

The food fan has also steered clear of the carbs to slim down.

He previously told the Daily Mail: “I’m dieting now. I’m nearly 6 ft and more than 15st; my ideal would be 14st.

“I’m classed as ‘overweight’ but I’m not that fussed as I take enough exercise.

“I eat a lot of meat and veg and cut out the carbohydrates.”

He added: “I make a point of not using escalators. I don’t go to the gym, but swim virtually every day in the sea in Cornwall, winter and summer.”

Stein’s Fish & Chips in South Quay, Padstow, is famous for providing one of the best plates of the famous dish in the whole of the UK.

It serves not just the classic battered or grilled fish including the likes of Hake, Cod and Haddock, but also dishes such as a fish chilli burger and a fish finger sandwich.

The best weight loss diet breakfast is a good way to set yourself up for the day. What are some of the best ways to kick start your diet in the morning? 

Excess sugar can lead to weight gain, and it is also a contributing factor to chronic health conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

According to eatthis.com, if dieters currently take two tablespoons of sugar in two cups of tea, they could lose up to 10 pounds within six months if they cut out the sweet treat completely.

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