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There are a lot of fat burners on the market, all designed to help you lose weight when taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to workout harder, eat less, cut cravings, and lose weight, then a fat burner may be the right choice for you.But how do you make sure that the supplement you choose is up to the task?In a marketplace full of fat burners of all shapes and sizes, making a decision can be daunting. Products come with a huge range of ingredients and claimed effects, some of which can be hard to distinguish between.To help you start moving in the right direction, we’ve put together this list of some of the best fat burners available in 2019. We’ve selected products with sensible ingredients lists, and whose claims stand up. When it comes to a good fat burner, you want something that is effective, safe, and tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

The best fat burners in 2019

There are hundreds of fat burner supplements available. The twelve below are a handpicked selection of some of the best.

1. Leanbean from LEANBEAN Diet Pill from LEANBEAN This is a big name in the fat burner field: originally developed for pro athletes, and now having a large and devoted following of satisfied customers.The newly reformulated daily dose contains 3g of glucomannan as its flagship ingredient, backed up by a whole host of other weight loss ingredients. Health safety authorities agree that glucomannan is an effective appetite suppressant, with 3g being the optimum dose in the context of an energy restricted diet.Leanbean is a great choice if you want a fat burner with its finger on the pulse of the industry. They also have a huge bank of positive reviews and customer testimonials, with some impressive before and after pictures. The pic below shows Madeleine’s progress after a month of taking Leanbean as directed. “I have never felt better”, is her feedback. LEANBEAN before and after LEANBEAN before and after from LEANBEAN Key features:

  • Clinically proven amounts of glucomannan to suppress appetite
  • Designed for athletes
  • Huge industry recognition and tons of satisfied customers
  • Moneyback guarantee if you aren’t happy

You can buy Leanbean from their official website.

2. Powher Fat Burner Powher Fat Burner Powher Fat Burner from Powher Fat Burner Another top product from Ultimate Life, the guys who brought us Leanbean. Riding on the popularity of the first product, the Powher Fat Burner supplements glucomannan with a completely different list of ingredients to fuel your weight loss.With more focus on natural stimulant ingredients, Powher is designed to support your body’s natural metabolism, and to top up various minerals that women are naturally prone to be deficient in. The result is a weight loss supplement that empowers your body to be its best.Key features:

  • 100mg of natural caffeine to spike your metabolism.
  • 3g of glucomannan – the clinically proven dose for appetite suppression.
  • Contains iron and magnesium to prevent deficiencies.
  • Multi-box discounts and bundles available.You can buy the Powher fat burner on their official website.

3. Nobi Nutrition Nobi Nutrition Nobi Nutrition from Nobi Nutrition This supplement uses exogenous ketones to help you achieve ketosis: the state where your body burns fat for energy, rather than carbs. This formulation means your body can still fuel itself while intaking lower amounts of dietary carbohydrate than usual, meaning you feel the need to eat less.Key features:

  • Helps your body to achieve ketosis.
  • Boosts metabolism and helps you to burn fat as fuel.
  • Reduces caloric intake.
  • Comes with lifetime satisfaction assurance. 

4. Rockstar Skinny Gal Rockstar Skinny Gal Rockstar Skinny Gal from Rockstar Skinny Gal Regarded as one of the most popular diet pills for women, Rockstar Skinny Gal is designed to limit your caloric intake and give you the power to do regular exercise.A confident blend of natural ingredients designed to suppress appetite (garcinia Cambogia, African mango, hoodia) and burn fat (raspberry ketones, green coffee, white kidney bean).Key features:

  • Designed by top athletes and nutrition scientists.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • No fad ingredients.
  • Suppresses appetite while boosting fat burning metabolism.

5. Grenade Thermo Detonator Grenade Thermo Detonator Grenade Thermo Detonator from Grenade Thermo Detonator This supplement may sound and look a bit extreme – it is declaring war on fat, after all – but it is popular. And with good reason.Grenade Thermo Detonator promotes a lower level of appetite designed to support natural fat metabolism and weight management. It is used by pro athletes, military personnel, and other people who need a high energy, fully focussed workout. Key features:

  • Very high stimulant levels: for people who want a lot of energy.
  • Designed for high intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Tailored to help you achieve physique goals.
  • Award-winning formula.

6. XLS-Medical Hunger Buddy XLS-Medical Hunger Buddy XLS-Medical Hunger Buddy from XLS-Medical Hunger Buddy This supplement is much more gentle, and is designed to fight food cravings and help you cut portion sizes. If you find yourself snacking often between meals, this could be the supplement for you.94% of users reported moderate to strong feelings of fullness when eating reduced portion sizes.

Key features:

  • Designed to manage cravings and portion sizes.
  • Redusure fibre complex reduces appetite.
  • Part of a popular range of weight loss products.
  • Easy to take: two capsules before each meal.

7. XLS-Medical Tea XLS-Medical Tea XLS-Medical Tea from XLS-Medical Tea Another supplement from XLS-Medical, is this appetite suppressant tea: the first UK clinically proven weight loss tea. A special fibre blend is combined with matcha tea, and binds to dietary fats.A cup of tea that helps to suppress cravings and reduce appetite: sounds great to us.Key features:

  • Simple and tasty, just make and drink a cup of tea.
  • Clinically proven to help with weight loss.
  • Contains matcha which is rich in antioxidants.
  • Low caffeine content compared to other teas and hot drinks

8. V24 Weight Loss Gummies V24 Weight Loss Gummies V24 Weight Loss Gummies from V24 Weight Loss Gummies Fat burners don’t have to be powders or capsules. In fact, this supplement comes in gummy form, which we just love.These strawberry flavoured treats contain glucomannan, which as we know is a clinically proven appetite suppressant. Just eat four gummies, three times a day and they’ll keep the cravings at bay.Key features:

  • It’s a sweet!
  • Clinically proven dose of glucomannan to suppress cravings.
  • No capsules to swallow.
  • Only 8.5 calories per gummy.

9. Keto Advanced by TDN Nutrition Keto Advanced by TDN Nutrition Keto Advanced by TDN Nutrition from TDN TDN have released one of the best Keto supplements, with a formula researched, developed, and manufactured in the UK to GMP standards. The ingredients list is advised by health gurus and celebrity nutritionists, and represents the cutting edge of keto supplementation. Taken as directed, these specially formulated ingredients will encourage the body toward a state of ketosis.“Kickstart Ketosis” is their motto, with good reason.Key features:

  • Made in the UK to strict manufacturing standards.
  • Formula advised by health gurus and celebrity nutritionists.
  • Contains ingredients designed to kickstart ketosis.
  • Small, easy to swallow capsules.

10. BurnXT Thermogenic Fat Burner BurnXT Thermogenic Fat Burner BurnXT Thermogenic Fat Burner from Burn-XT You can tell by the bottle that this fat burner means business, and with over 30,000,000 servings sold, they’re obviously doing something right. This is one of the market-leading thermogenic fat burner on Amazon, and helps you to burn more calories, increase energy levels, and suppress appetite. There are zero fillers or dyes, and ingredients are included in bioavailable formats, meaning your body is most easily able to absorb them.Key features:

  • Highly effective for women and men.
  • Makers claim to have sold over 30,000,000 servings.
  • Made in the USA to strict manufacturing standards.
  • Packs a powerful stimulant hit to fuel your workout.

11. BodyShape 24 Day and Night BodyShape 24 Day and Night BodyShape 24 Day and Night from BODYSHAPE24 You don’t have to choose between the red pill and the blue pill any more… Just take a red one in the morning for an energy hit and to boost your metabolism throughout the day; then take a blue one at night to support calorie burning while sleeping.This intelligent dosing system is simple and easy to remember, and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your weight loss is covered 24 hours a day.Key features:

  • Developed and tested in conjunction with one of Europe’s top female supplement manufacturers.
  • A range of ingredients to boost your body’s natural metabolism.
  • Simple to take: red in the morning, blue at night.
  • Unique 24 hour formula.

12. LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner from LEANPM This supplement is designed to curb cravings and night time, and to help you burn fat while you sleep. It’s an approach we don’t see very often, but it’s a good one.Appetite suppressing ingredients are combined with those that promote restfulness and help the body prepare itself for sleep.Key features:

  • Helps you to get a good sleep and have more energy the next day.
  • Suppresses appetite and cravings in the evening.
  • Aids the body’s natural sleep processes.
  • A novel approach for a fat burner supplement.

What is a fat burner?“Fat burner” is an umbrella term referring to supplements that are designed to help you lose weight through one or more of various mechanisms:

  • Some fat burners give you an energy boost to help you work out harder and longer, to burn more calories.
  • Some fat burners boost your metabolism to help your body store and burn fats and sugars as efficiently as possible.
  • Some fat burners raise your internal temperature slightly, to help your body burn more calories at rest. This is called thermogenesis.
  • Some fat burners suppress appetite, meaning you feel the need to eat less.

Now: a clarification. Fat burner supplements are intended to help you lose weight, not to cause weight loss. The clue is in the name: they are designed to supplement your existing weight loss efforts.Losing weight ultimately boils down to one thing: maintaining a healthy caloric deficit. When you burn more calories than you consume, your body burns through your fat reserves.A lifestyle built around a healthy diet and regular exercise will lead to weight loss, and a fat burner supplement is designed to increase the results you would see from this.

Fat burner side effectsMany people ask whether fat burners have side effects, and it’s a good question. Having peace of mind that the supplement you’re planning to take is effective and – more importantly – safe, is a vital part of making a purchase.With such widespread access to the internet it’s now much easier than it once was to find information about products, who makes them, and the ingredients they contain. We can’t address the side effects of every single ingredient you’ll come across when shopping for a fat burner, but we can outline a few things to look for. We can also point you in the direction of the US Office of Dietary Supplements, whose website contains in-depth information.One thing to be aware of is the potential for side effects when taking a larger dose of caffeine than you’re used to. Many fat burners contain caffeine to power up your workout, with doses ranging from 80 to over 270mg. For reference, a cup of black coffee contains about 100mg: this means that if your threshold is low and you take a fat burner with 270mg of caffeine, you’re probably going to get the jitters!Caffeine can also cause anxiety and increased heart rate, meaning its effects sometimes get mistaken for things that are more severe.In our experience, women want fat burners with lower caffeine levels. Many of the female fat burners we come across – including Leanbean in the list above – have less caffeine than their male counterparts. Keep an eye on this when choosing your fat burner!

In conclusionAs we’ve said, the fat burner supplement market is stacked full of products competing for your attention. Amongst the masses there are some true gems, including our number 1 fat burner for women – Leanbean. It’s important that you invest time and effort in researching supplements before choosing to take one. You should have a firm understanding of what the ingredients do, how they interact, and the type of results you can expect. And please remember what we said at the beginning: weight loss comes down to a lifestyle built around a healthy caloric deficit. If you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take the right supplement, then you should see good weight loss results.

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