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Last year, when EBLB was given an opportunity to share their message via a billboard, they reached out to RingBoost’s non-profit vanity phone number program to get a memorable number to improve the impact of the advertisement. They settled on the number 1-877-434-KIDS to highlight their target audience and showcase their mission to prevent, reduce, and reverse childhood obesity.

RingBoost recently conducted a raffle where businesses would be entered into a raffle to win $1000 by promoting their vanity phone number on social media and tagging the company. Each platform counted separately, and EBLB wrote about the benefits of their unforgettable number on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, tripling their entries. EBLB founder Debra Tendrich wrote in her posts, “[Our number] makes it so easy for people to remember when we are on the radio or speaking to large groups and on billboards… If you are a business and don’t have a cool vanity number like mine… visit RingBoost.com.”

When Tendrich was contacted to announce the sweepstakes win, she excitedly told the RingBoost team that the award money would pay for scholarships for 40 children to go through the nutritional education program this summer. “It’s always fun to tell someone they just won a thousand dollars,” RingBoost’s VP of Marketing, Ellen Sluder commented, “But to then hear about the impact that the money will have on so many lives – that was a truly special moment.”

About RingBoost

RingBoost is the nation’s largest marketplace of custom phone numbers, including local and toll-free vanity, easy-dial and tracking numbers. With industry-leading expertise and superior customer service, RingBoost gives companies the tools they need to improve marketing effectiveness, skyrocket revenue, and grow long-term brand loyalty.

About Eat Better Live Better

EBLB is fighting childhood obesity by providing a hands-on, fun and effective nutrition program that kids of all ages love! Additionally, EBLB provides parent workshops, Veggie Spotlights, Dining Etiquette and Healthy Advocacy Workshops. For more information visit www.EBLB.org.

Media contact:
Ellen Sluder
VP Marketing, RingBoost

SOURCE RingBoost

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