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If you are like most people being or getting healthy is important.

The media all around us is constantly talking about drugs that can help us deal with health problems every day.

But if you are tired of just being offered ways to deal with the symptoms of health problems you need to know there is an alternative available to you Today!

Dr. Herbert Slavin and the other members of his professional staff have been assisting patients for more than 30 years to get and stay healthy more naturally.

At Dr. Slavin’s office, The Institute of Advanced Medicine, the goal is to identify the causes of health issues and to treat the causes of problems rather than to just treat the symptoms.

Utilizing advanced testing, treatments and natural products patients continue to obtain dramatic results and not only improve their health but learn how to maintain their good health as part of the process.

Ondamed, Breast Thermography, Chelation Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Thyroid Therapy, DNA-Guided Medicine, HCG Weight Loss, IV Nutrient Therapy, Diapulse, Certified Personal Training, Chiropractor, HGH Therapy, UVLrx Treatment System, The Max Pulse, Cell Wellbeing “Optimized Nutritional Food Plan” and many other advanced testing and alternative treatments.

Unlike most medical practices today, prescribing drugs to deal with a symptom is a rare occurrence at the Institute of Advanced Medicine.

It is clear that taking a drug for one symptom often results in having to deal with numerous other symptoms caused by the prescribed drug or drugs.

Unfortunately many people find themselves taking an abundance of prescriptions since doctors are reluctant to stop a pill prescribed by one doctor and merely just prescribe another to handle a new identified problem.

If you are concerned about dealing with a health issue or want to be proactive and address potential issues before they become health problems, schedule an appointment today.

If you are tired of hearing that the only way to treat your health problem is to take more drugs, you need to schedule an appointment today.

If you want to deal with your health more naturally call 954-748-4991.

There is a natural alternative to good health and it starts with your first visit to the Institute of Advanced Medicine.

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