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Cancer: How Do We Prevent Metastasis?

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The UCSF community honored J. Michael Bishop’s 11-year tenure as chancellor of UCSF with an all-day symposium addressing vexing biomedical issues at the Mission Bay campus on June 7. The event focused on four topics: malaria, cell biology, cancer and neurosciences.

As chancellor, Bishop, MD, a Nobel laureate, led UCSF through one of its most expansive periods of growth and achievement, including development of the Mission Bay campus.

In this segment of the symposium, titled “Cancer: How Do We Prevent Metastasis?,” the moderator is Nobel laureate Harold Varmus, MD, president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; the speaker is Joan Massagué, PhD, chair of the Cancer Biology and Genetics Program in the Sloan-Kettering Institute; and panelists are Zena Werb, PhD, professor and vice chair, Department of Anatomy at UCSF, and Marc Shuman, MD, professor of medicine and of urology, and Cancer Research Institute at UCSF.


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