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Brian McFadden has lost half a stone in four weeks on a previous diet.

The Westlife singer told the Daily Mail all about how he lost weight.

Now competing on Dancing on Ice, he was formerly married to Kerry Katona and Vogue Williams.

Brian turned to the Atkins diet to lose weight.

He told the paper: “Growing up as an Irishman, potatoes were our main ingredient, but people in this industry taught me that potatoes and rice are your enemy,”

“When I was 25, I began the Atkins diet with Mark [Feehily, his fellow Westlife band member].

“We’d have steak, eggs and bacon – all protein, though it wasn’t the real Atkins diet because I’d still eat vegetables, such as carrots. I’ve been on and off it for years.”

Speaking on the merits of the law carb diet Brian said.

“When I’m on it, I can lose up to half-a-stone in three or four weeks.

“I’m eating normally now, but when I have work commitments, such as TV presenting, I’ll do zero carbs and high protein.”

What is the Atkins diet

It was created by American physician and cardiologist Robert Atkins.

According to the Atkins UK website, the low carb diet plan is based around four phases.

These include: induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and maintenance.

The induction phrase allows very little carbohydrates, while the later stages allow you to begin re-introducing some “good” carbohydrates into your diet.

Another very popular version of a low carb diet is the keto diet?

What is the keto diet? states: “A keto diet is a very strict low-carb diet, containing less than 20 grams of net carbs per day, and thus it tends to be highly effective.”

This is done mainly by restricting carbs, so new dieters will aim to cut out bread, pasta and high carb vegetables (i.e. vegetables that grow above the ground).

Adding fat is also a key component of the diet.

This can mean animal fats such as butter and cheese or fat from plants, like nuts or olive oil.

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