2019 Be Fit Nutrit is Appointed Official Nutrition Consultant – LPGA


‘I aim to help players fuel to compete on the course, and also provide them with nutrition coaching for lifelong health,’ says sports nutrition consultant and educator Siobhan Donofrio

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Oct. 15, 2019 – The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) announced today that Be Fit Nutrit and Siobhan Donofrio have joined the LPGA family as the LPGA’s Official Nutrition Consultant and will work to improve the overall health and well-being of LPGA players and staff.

Donofrio, a sports nutrition consultant and educator who is based in the Boston area, will be on-site at selected tournaments during the LPGA Tour season where she will provide complimentary one-on-one nutritional consulting. She will also give nutritional advice through articles which will be posted on the LPGA’s various websites, in monthly newsletters and on the LPGA’s social media platforms. 

“I am extremely honored to be given the opportunity to work with the best players in women’s golf as the official nutrition consultant of the LPGA,” said Donofrio. “Each athlete’s nutrition needs are unique. Proper nutrition isn’t about restricting certain foods but involves creating balance between what a player eats and enjoys and her nutrition, health, and performance goals. Therefore, I work with each athlete to provide realistic and attainable nutrition plans that factor in training and competition schedules, food preferences, health issues, and creative problem-solving of dietary challenges. I aim to help players fuel to compete on the course, and also provide them with nutrition coaching for lifelong health.” 

Donofrio, a four-year varsity swimmer while studying economics and political science at Yale University, has a master’s degree in applied nutrition, fitness and nutrition concentration from Northeastern University. She has worked with several high schools and colleges as a sports nutrition consultant and educator. She specializes in giving nutritional advice to enhance athletic training and performance, improve body composition, prevent injuries, increase energy, help recovery from illness, injuries and surgeries, as well as overall health. 

The addition of Be Fit Nutrit to the LPGA family brings in one more component to the LPGA’s array of programs to help the ‘complete’ athlete – from a mental, physical and social perspective. Programs already in place include Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness; ‘The Next Play’, which offers one-on-one coaching to players to help them prepare for what is next in their careers and their personal lives; and the year-long Sports Medicine Program, which involves the LPGA’s Medical Director, Dr. Bruce Thomas and two physical therapists from Top Tier Sports being made freely available to players at every LPGA Tour event.

“Working on the fundamentals of the game is only part of what a professional golfer does to keep elite status,” said Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, the LPGA’s Player President. “Total body fitness is vital for maintaining a strong mind and body through a 34-week tour schedule. Having a nutritionist now as part of our LPGA team will better assist our players in achieving their goals.”

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